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This XML based slideshow can be used as a web page widget to show linkable images on a page.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<slideshow  date="09/28/2007">

                <header><![CDATA[beach at Oxnard, CA]]></header>
                <description><![CDATA[Just an hour from Los Angeles is a relaxing, uncrowded beach I love to visit.]]></description>
                <header><![CDATA[Mono Lake]]></header>
                <description><![CDATA[At the East entrance to Yosemite is a magical lake. The Tufa rock formations were once underneath the water level as volcanic springs created these amazing structures.]]></description>



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  • doodle on pictures using different colors
  • save as jpeg and set compression quality
  • your picture gets placed in the Vandal Hall of Fame where people can see it
  • people can comment on your picture
  • live preview generation
  • several communication methods in it’s own “Vandalize Service”

This was a prototype for a FaceBook app, designed by the UX ( User eXperience) designers at speakTECH back in 2007. I created the back end and front end, making it functional based on some nice specs from the team. The back end was it’s own remoting service called “VandalizeService”.

MP3 Player


  • Stereo output level display
  • Spectrum Display
  • Volume Control
  • Balance Control
  • Stop, Play, Pause, Previous & Next Track
  • Loop feature
  • Time / position display
  • Flash Remoting based playlist, autogenerated

This version was an extension to the original version I made, adding the spectrum display. To avoid copyright issues, I grabbed some royalty-free music clips off the web and put them in a folder. The PHP getDirectory call in PortfolioService grabs all the mp3s in a folder and returns info about them to generate the playlist and play the music. Launch Flash!see it